ABOUT USTrismart Lighting

Advantages of Trismart lighting' products:
1. Adopting Philips ultra bright LED chip, the led lights have high luminaire efficacy, high efficiency and energy saving.
        1) Luminaire efficacy for solar led street light: 200 lm/W
       2) Luminaire efficacy for led street light: 190 lm/W
       3) Luminaire efficacy for led explosion-proof light: 180 lm/W
       4) Luminaire efficacy for floodlight: 170 lm/W
       5Luminaire efficacy for led high bay light: 160 lm/W 

2. Adopting the latest Internet of things technology and other wireless communication technologies to meet the wireless remote intelligent lighting control needs of various places.
       1) 2.4G mesh AHDOC wireless lighting control system 

       2) PLC wireless remote intelligent lighting control system
       3) LoRaWAN/Nb IoT wireless remote intelligent lighting control system
       4) ZigBee wireless solar led street lamp lighting control system
3. The led driver has a wide voltage input of 90 ~ 305V, excellent anti harmonic and surge performance, and can work reliably even under the severe conditions of voltage fluctuation.
4. Solar lamps use lithium iron phosphate batteries for power new energy vehicles and electric vehicles which can reach more than 3000 cycles.
5. The unique hexagonal vertical solar panel technology can directly transform the original ordinary city circuit lamp into a solar street lamp, which is resistant to wind and sand, typhoon, snow and 360 ° all-weather charging.

    The product brochure for 2024 can be downloaded at the following link: 

    Product brochure-2024.pdf